Sonnenberg Schools have a distinct and vital mission:

Our mission at Sonnenberg Schools is to provide an educational environment that is loving, safe, and supportive, focused on preparing students academically, socially, and emotionally for their future lives of success.

Our Values:

Sonnenberg Schools students…

  • Are lifelong learners who know that learning is not just a method for school, but an approach to living a full, productive life. 
  • Develop the skills needed for academic success, including reading, problem-solving, inferencing, and critical thinking.
  • Act as responsible members of the community, engaging in the world through positive contributions to society through self-discipline and self-determination.
  • Understand and demonstrate the development of strong relationships with others.

Our Vision: 

  • We believe that Sonnenberg Schools will be recognized in the city, state and across the country for the positive impact it has on students, families and communities.
  • We believe that Sonnenberg Schools students can achieve at or above grade level because of the individualized educational experience, intentional support, and strong relationships that are built with staff throughout their experience here. Staff work with specialists throughout Sonnenberg Consultants and the community in order to improve student outcomes. Teachers, educational assistants, behavior treatment technicians, senior therapists, board certified behavior analysts, and the school director work together with families to raise expectations for academic and life success.
  • We believe that Sonnenberg Schools students will demonstrate that they can be successful in middle school, high school, college, and life because of the social, emotional, and academic success they experience while at Sonnenberg Schools.
  • We believe that Sonnenberg Schools staff view their work as a service to students, their families, and the community. They use current best practices for the education of students, and regularly engage in professional development and training to grow as educators. Collaborative teams with members from all aspects of the organization meet regularly to ensure the success of all students at Sonnenberg Schools.